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Paris garde sa place à part dans l’univers international de la mode, en effet il est toujours important pour les créateurs d’avoir l’opportunité de pouvoir y présenter leurs créations.

En l’occurence aujourd’hui, il s’agit d’une douzaine de créateurs japonais, qui ont «investi»  un corner dans ce qui devient le Fashion Show de la capitale, Colette, l’endroit où il faut être vu pour se signaler et pouvoir ainsi faire part du label créations «Colette».

Colette. dont le concept est depuis 1997 «Always The same, Never The same» se structure aussi sur l’idée du styledesignsartfood.  qui se retrouve dans des espaces ainsi délimités en Mode, Art, Water Bar restaurant, Beauté sans oublier la musique, les livres et les montres.

Colette au 213 rue Saint-Honoré, Paris 1er,

Interview de Nancy Chabert qui nous présente Tokyoeye:

[audio:|titles=Interview Colette Tokyoeye]

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Présentation des différents designers:

Launched for A/W 06/07 by Gas As Interface Co., Ltd.

After the experience as a pattern maker for Comme des Garçons for 10 years, Tamami Akiyama has joined 20,000,000 fragments as a designer in 2006.

The pattern based on men’s tailoring and original tweed fabrics woven together with chains and ribbons

make the collection elegant yet edgy



Designed for the ageless bright women who have a clear philosophy and lifestyle, and enjoy every minute of the life.

The designer Yukimi Kawashima used to work as a pattern maker and designer, then as a producer of a multi brand store. She started AULA AILA from SS2003.



DRESSCAMP has been presenting the navel collections that have characteristic sense of color making the best use of the material of the print, original decorativeness, powerful and delicate dresses thinking about couture-classic. It often collaborates with the top-brands of the whole world in order to offer authentic and high quality. Since Toshikazu Iwaya started DRESSCAMP based on AT ONE’S INC., it becomes well-known Japanese brand.

In 2008, DRESSCAMP innovates to create a new image that after Toshikazu Iwaya left DRESSCAMP, Marjan Pejoski assumed the position of the new designer.

First S/S2009 collection by Marjan Pejoski announced in 27th OCT. 2008. He created unforgettable show at the prestigious setting of the diamond factory in Ginza, Tokyo. Furthermore, it is the first time to have a European designer will take the reigns at a Japanese house, therefore first collection of DRESSCAMP by Marjan Pejoski had a lots of attention from Japanese fashionista.

●galaxxxy in Hi-Fi


From everydaywear to nightlife, you can make the most of galaxxxy new style!!!!

Coexistence of chic & elegant world zapped from 50’s-90’s and space world with flying neon tubes…

Enjoy a challenging world-view!

Launched in 2007 and designed by the team “YumYumMmmy!”

Designer Profile

Design team “YumYumMmmy!” is composed of the below 3 people;

★Hiromi Kishi:After the success of the brand JSG, she has launched a new brand, «galaxxxy».

Director Merchandiser of YMM!.

★Loco2KIT : Being Underground DJ, he works in various areas : Trak/Remix producer, colum/review writer, quiz writer etc. He is in charge of research of artists, music, characters to make a collaboration with galaxxy.

★8 words fresh!/8words :He designs CD jacket of music labels, and creates characters, in the same time he is a DJ of underground 80’s. The slime series he created for ”galaxxxy” became a big hit. In charge of music and graphic of galaxxxy.

●Liz Lisa


A brand which makes you happy by just wearing it …

Launched in 1999 and opened the 1st store in SHIBUYA109 in Tokyo in 2000.

Liz Lisa has been participating in Tokyo Girls Collection since 2007.

Opened the 1st store outside Japan in 2008 in Macau.



Modern and sophisticated creation for urban women.

Original textile and form coming from the season theme are developed to the full harmonization.

Born in 1982, Sachio Kawasaki has left Japan at the age of 20 and went to study Textile at Chelsea College of Art & Design, London. During the course period, he gained work experience as a knitwear designer assistant at Balenciaga in Paris. After finished the course, he took MA Fashion Knitwear at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design and presented graduate collection at London Fashion Week. Soon after the show, the collection was featured in Vogue, Another Magazine, Surface Magazine and many more.

In May 2008, he moved his base to Tokyo and set up his own company BULBOUS Co., Ltd. and its label SACHIO KAWASAKI. In March 2009, he presented his first AW2009 collection at Japan Fashion Week in Tokyo.

●Valentine’s High


Launched in 2005.

Exciting casual brand for happy girls who love “Kawaii,” being always positive about love.

From pop and playful clothes to original accessories, the total coordination is proposed.

ValenTine’s High is sold in SHIBUYA109 and is successful among the gals in Shibuya, Tokyo.

The designer Yumi Ogawa has joined as a chief designer in 2007, and transmits own world-view of

“Kawaii” to the girls in Tokyo.




“Centering on dance music, mix of various music is transformed to be expressed as clothes”

Launched in 2004.


Designer’s PROFILE / unknown



Brand Concept

In the 19th century, when the jeans have not had 5 pockets yet, tailors were making the best use of inventiveness in search for the jeans, which are resistant and wearable for longtime. Longtime after that,on the west coast, U.S., the tags of workwear in the 1870’s have been discovered, which have been patched together, and it has been proved that what was mentioned in the old documents was true. Also it has been found that the workwear of that time was not only resistant, but also designed to be trendy.

Based on the design with Cowboy taste, which led Frontier Fashion, a label “Too old, which makes new.”

Brand Concept

The new Billiken Man is one year older than famous “Kewpie” and is 101 years old and acted as a character for the U.S. Presidential Election. Then, it gave birth to The Billiken Jeans, which has “The Billiken Man” as a motif.

These two brands are developped by Warehouse Company.




Restructure of the expression.

Reconsider the existing various genre of creations and redesign and reproduce from the artistic perspective of amabro. The main goal of «amabro» is to be a mediator for the art and modern life products.

Collaborations with various fields are also developed.

Amabro has been started by AMDR as an interior brand since 2006.

* AMDR, a design office specialized for graphic designs and art directions, have worked for countless productions regardless to the genre, such as advertisements, magazines, fashion, music and wall paints since 2003. AMDR is well known for their expressions in silkscreens, drawings, photomontages, and graphic designs using various techniques. Taking advantage of both traditional and modern methods, they have introduced many artworks which have been carefully designed from it’s flexible, but precise point of views.


Cram Jam Chest is artwork by stuffed toy artist Yusuke Noguchi.

Using vintage denim garment or French military jacket, he dissembles, cuts and reassembles from more than 100 pieces to make a totally new “art piece,” with thorough persistence.

Depending on each calculated combination of damages and colours of the fabric, each item is unique and limited.

Yusuke Noguchi was born in 1978. After working for a Japanese brand “gomme” for 6 years, he has founded CRAM JAM CHEST. Exhibitions in Japan and Italy.

He also participates in the debut collection of “Y’s Red Label.”.

●Malcom Guerre


Malcolm Guerre is a name of an imaginary man.

As its name suggests, Malcolm Guerre’s creation is provocative, aggressive, and sexy, being always beautiful.

Designer YUKI, studied at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design and studied Jewellery design at Middlesex University in London.

Used to work for Ericson Beamon, Scott Wilson, Erik Halley (Couture collection) and Alexander McQueen.

She has founded Malcolm Guerre in 2004.

●M’s system


The 1st revolutionary speaker in the world: only one body creates live, stereoscopic sound, which surpasses the traditional stereo speaker system.

●Limited T-shirt tokyoeye at colette !

Designed by designer SACHIO KAWASAKI, who participates in tokyoeye with his own collection, this T-shirt is manufactured by DESIGN T-SHIRT STORE graniph, which is popular in streets in Japan.

[audio:|titles=Interview Colette Tokyoeye]
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